Blurbs of Grace

Tag: Thankfulness

Somehow that Seems Enough

“Just glad to be alive today! No major accomplishments to celebrate, no tragedies to get through…just another day breathing..somehow that seems enough. Glad to be sharing another day with you… Sending out hugs to all who need one!” 

Words my sweet friend posted on Facebook today, too precious not to share. 


Going it alone?

Be thankful for the days when you have to “go it alone.” They will give you a greater appreciation for the days you have help and reveal to you just how much you can truly accomplish.

The Greatest Thing to Pray

Sometimes the greatest thing to pray is “Heavenly Father, thank you for today.”

Be Thankful

Thankfulness is powerful. Peace and joy ride on its wings.

Today consider all the things in your life that you should be thankful for. Consider the things you don’t have. Are you healthy? Others are battling sickness. Did you have food to eat for breakfast? Others did not. Did you have a hard time deciding what to wear today? For some there is no decision. Did you have a bad hair day? Some have no hair, their therapy has caused it to all fall out. Did you lock the door of your home on your way to work? Some have no home nor job to go to. Did you get in a car to continue your travels? Some have no car. Did you kiss your spouse and kids in the morning? Some have no spouse or kids. Meeting a friend for lunch? Some have no friends… And what else can you be thankful for?

Consider all that you have and be thankful, truly thankful.

Walking through the Pain

Thank God for the days that are painful to walk through. They will give you, if nothing else, a greater appreciation for the days that are not.