Blurbs of Grace

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When I am Tempted to Point my Finger

I can easily identify the sin in others,

and yet I am often so blind to

my own sin.

When I am tempted to point my finger at others,

and when my stomach turns at what I clearly see as sin,

may I ask the Lord to reveal the sin He sees,

in my own life.

May I remember,

that we all make wrong choices.

We all sin.

May I remember,

why Jesus came,

and died.

May I remember,

that his forgiveness,

and love,

is for every sinner,

and not just,

for me.

Our sin may be different,

but His grace is the same.

May I extend,

the forgiveness,

and grace,

that He has extended to me.

May I be quick to point my finger,

at myself,

and determined to change,


Faith and Finances

Don’t focus on what you need. Focus on what you have. Thank God for all that He has given you and ask Him to give you wisdom to maximize on all the provision He has already provided. Let Him be the Lord of your finances. Be willing to allow Him to change your heart on what you really need.