Blurbs of Grace

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Success through Failure

It seems that the success of His plan, is not acheived through the success of my plans, but in their failure. For in their failure I come face to face with His beautiful grace.

Believe it or Not



God loves you. 
He loves you unconditionally. 
There is nothing you can do,
To make Him love you more.
There is nothing you have done,
That makes Him love you less.

He loves you, 
For you.
He sent His Son to die, 
For you.

Your belief in Him does not limit,
His belief in you.
Your hope in Him does not limit,
His hope in you.
Your faithfulness to Him does not limit,
His faithfulness to you.

He will not leave you and,
He loves you enough
To give you the free will,
To leave Him.

I pray that you would chose to stay in His love.


2 Timothy 2:13
if we are faithless, he remains faithful