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The Opposite of Love

The opposite of love is not hate. The opposite of love is indifference. Love hates. Love hates wrong. Love hates hurt. Indifference on other hand… Indifference does what it pleases, shrugs its shoulders, and says, “Who cares?” Indifference whispers, “It’s not really worth it.” But not love. Love whispers, “It’s worth it.” Love echoes over all creation, “I care.” Love urges, “Care.” Love urges, “Love.”

1 John 4:8
Anyone who does not love does not know God, because God is love.

Waking Up Love

Have you ever gotten up real early and forced yourself to move around and get things done even though you were not fully awake? After sometime of being up and moving your mind, and body, and even your heart are eventually all up, moving and working in unison. Love can be like that. Sometimes you just have to make the choice to act it out until your mind and heart are moving in unison with your actions.


Commitment is powerful. If there is something in your life not producing the results you desire, ask yourself, “Have I truly committed to this?”

When you commit in your heart, your words, your actions and your results WILL follow.

The Greater Sickness

I know that God can heal the sick, but sometimes, I wonder if he doesn’t simply to teach those around them what it is to care for and truly love others. For it seems to me, that if I am too busy or uncompassionate to the pains and needs of others, I am the one with the greater sickness.

A Morning Thought

Today is not hinged on yesterday. Great news for those who failed yesterday. Not-so great for those who succeeded.

Extend Grace

Extend grace to others. You never know when you will need grace extended to you.

Fruit for Breakfast

Sometimes God miraculously heals us. Other times he empowers us with wisdom and self control. So don’t pray for God to take your Honey Bun, Snickers Bar, or bag of Doritos and make it “nourishing” for your body. Pray for the self control to not pick up those choices in the first place… That is the miracle you need.

(Preaching to myself this morning…)

“But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, SELF-CONTROL…” – Galatians 5:22-23

The Great “I Will?”

Our God is not the Great “I Will.” He is the Great “I Am.” Consider this as you wait on Him in prayer. 

(Exodus 3:14, Romans 8:28)

Gaining Gratitude

It is only through experiencing the absence of those who we love that we can come to truly appreciate the presence of the One who loves us. It is only through experiencing the inadequacy of the created, that we can come to truly appreciate the adequacy of the Creator.

Have a Hard Task Ahead?

Remember this:


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