While we Live

I wanted to take some time to brag on our oldest son. I have never seen an eight year-old boy with such compassion. He engages his siblings (though not always for the good). He rarely demonstrates an “above them” attitude. I have never heard him say that he is “too old” to play with his younger siblings. He gets in his sisters’ pink room and helps them play dress up. He holds them and tells them “It’s okay.” He listens to them and deals with them many times with more grace and gentleness than I do. Truth be told, he is often my biggest helper. I am so proud of him and in many ways I am learning what love looks like through him. He told me yesterday, “Many people believe that God sent Jesus just to die. And they are right but they are also wrong. He also came to teach us and show us what God’s love looks like.” I have no idea how long my son will be in my life. I pray for many, many years. Already, in his short eight years on earth he has taught me so much about the Lord and what love looks like. Thank you God for this precious gift in my life.

We are all born to die and our lives are but a vapor, but how much we can teach people while we live.