When I am Tempted to Point my Finger

by What Matters Most- A Mother's Devotional

I can easily identify the sin in others,

and yet I am often so blind to

my own sin.

When I am tempted to point my finger at others,

and when my stomach turns at what I clearly see as sin,

may I ask the Lord to reveal the sin He sees,

in my own life.

May I remember,

that we all make wrong choices.

We all sin.

May I remember,

why Jesus came,

and died.

May I remember,

that his forgiveness,

and love,

is for every sinner,

and not just,

for me.

Our sin may be different,

but His grace is the same.

May I extend,

the forgiveness,

and grace,

that He has extended to me.

May I be quick to point my finger,

at myself,

and determined to change,